Residential Mosquito Control

We can all agree that mosquitoes and biting flies are an aggravating nuisance, especially when you and your family want to enjoy your time together outdoors.  Nothing can ruin a barbeque, pool party, picnic, or just enjoying an evening on the front porch like those bothersome pests.  Not to mention, the diseases they may carry such as Malaria, Yellow Fever, West Nile virus, and Zika virus.  Let’s not forget our family pets, we can help protect them from mosquitoes that cause heartworms.

Let us give you relief from these vectors with our mosquito management process that addresses mosquito control in both larval and adult stages in the life cycle.  By identifying and treating mosquito harborage areas and breeding grounds, we will eliminate both larvae and adults. We can eliminate these unwanted guests from your yard and adjacent property by creating a barrier of protection.  America’s Choice will re-treat every 21 days to ensure that they do not return.  Our mosquito management measures are also effective against other pests such as ticks, fleas, gnats, no see-ums, and biting flies. 


Commercial/Large Scale Mosquito Control

America’s Choice can also provide your mosquito control needs for family reunions, outdoor party/wedding venues, athletic events as well as integrated mosquito management for towns, cities, and counties. 

Our environmental Mosquito management services for towns, cities, and counties include:

General services

  • Surveillance and control site mapping, record keeping and monthly/annual reports, prompt response to service requests and questions, quality control and regulatory compliance on local, state and federal levels


Surveillance and Monitoring

  • Monitoring of weather data to predict peak annoyance periods, monitoring of (2) CDC traps as needed, inspection, sampling and mapping of mosquito breeding areas, and collection of all applicable surveillance data utilized in routing reports to the city

Larval and Adult Mosquito Control

  • Application of larvicides to mosquito breeding points throughout the city with growth regulator larvicide using hand equipment treatment.  Treatment is done using a 30-day residual product for floodwater mosquito control and 150-day control, extended residual slow-release insecticide, for the treatment of street-side catch basins.

  • Adulticiding in mosquito harborage areas, parks and recreation areas, and residential areas located within approved spraying locations, weather permitting.  Treatment is conducted using ground ULV (Ultra-low Volume) spraying using truck-mounted ULV application equipment with synthetic pyrethroid insecticide as needed.  Industrial areas will be sprayed 7 times a season.  Requests of the Public Works Office by email or phone in the event of a special community activity that requires additional spraying will be met.  Adulticiding operational procedures will be conducted in compliance with weather limits and favorable fogging conditions, insecticide dosage, and ULV particle size evaluation.

Our professional service technicians are ready to provide prompt response to all your mosquito control needs.  Please call or email us today for a quote or any service requests and we will schedule a visit.   You can even set up a service plan where we will treat your home every 21 days to keep those mosquitoes away.  We appreciate your business.  

Say “NO” to mosquitoes———FIGHT THE BITE!

Commercial Disinfecting

• We partner with school systems to provide commercial disinfecting for all high traffic areas like playground equipment, doorways, handrails, and entryways, as well as buses. We provide a complete fogging disinfection of all surfaces that people come in contact with using an EPA approved, top-of-the-line disinfectant solution effective against viruses and Covid-19. Let us help you create a safer environment for students, staff, and members of the community. Please know that disinfecting services does not prevent person-to-person transmission of viruses.